TransferTrade is a blockchain-based SaaS platform

TransferTrade helps companies who want to exchange value, avoid fraud and enable fast, secure and transparent settlement through a SaaS, on demand delivery model.

TransferTrade SaaS features

TransferTrade provides purpose-built tools to support your business needs, whether you need a centralized ledger database that maintains an immutable and cryptographically verifiable record of transactions, or a multi-party, fully managed blockchain network that helps eliminate intermediaries.

Multi-tenancy Model

Multi-tenancy is a kind of software architecture in which a single deployment of a software application serves multiple customers. Each customer is called a tenant.

Automated Provisioning

Users are able to access the SaaS on the fly, which means to provide access to SaaS applications on demand basis.

Single Sign On

A single identity system to provide login credentials and access all SaaS applications provisioned to the respective users.

Subscription-based Billing

A subscription based application enabling customers to buy the SaaS applications whenever they require them and discontinue whenever the enterprise decides that they are not needed any more.

High Availability

Providing a high degree of SLA to our customers, with applications accessible 24x7 across the globe.

Elastic Infrastructure

Identifying the behaviour of the infrastructure and with the ability to expand/shrink the resources used behind the show.

Data Security

Ensuring that the data/business information is protected from corruption and unauthorized access.

Application Security

SaaS equipped with protection against vulnerabilities and with strong identity and access management controls.

Rate Limiting/QoS

The number of hits of transactions can be technically limited to ensure smooth business transactions.


Providing audit logs of business transactions.

Your benefits

By using our blockchain-based platform you benefit from the following advantages in your business transactions.

Reduced transaction costs

Blockchain eliminates the need for a centralized institution to act as intermediary, resulting in less expenses and improved efficiency.

Enhanced security

Traditional databases have low transparency since values can be modified or deleted. The blockchain is designed so that its entire history is visible and unchangeable. This means that the blockchain is a completely transparent data structure with the useful property that the integrity of the blockchain is easily verifiable by any user


As a distributed storage system, all participants share the same information in the network, which means that a harmful alteration in any node has no real consequences, keeping the data safe.


Each piece of data is linked to every other piece, creating a cohesive whole that is more difficult for an attacker to modify; part of this immutability is cryptographic hashing, and the way that we chain all these blocks together.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some tips you need to know to understand how we work.


What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is the technology that allows the movement of digital currency and assets directly from one user to another. It eliminates the need for a centralized institution to act as intermediary and instead uses cryptography and collaboration (distributed ledgers) to create that trust.


What is Smart Contract?

Smart contracts are just computer code loaded with instructions. You can just think of a smart contract as a set of rules that get executed every time a certain type of event happenshappens.


What are Smart contract benefits?

Smart contract reduces the expenses, require less or none intermediaries, increases the accuracy, security and reliability of transactions, increase the speed of business processes.


What is a Token?

A token is a representation of something in its particular ecosystem. It could be value, stake, voting right, or anything. A token exits on a particular platform; it represents an asset or utility that a company or individual has.


What transactions can I make with TransferTrade?

TransferTrade is a cross-sectorial, blockchain platform which can be used on many industries: international trade, real estate, fine arts, marketplaces, ecommerce, finance, etc.


What services is TransferTrade providing?

Asset tokenization , smart contract, custody wallet, trading with Criptocurrency and fiat currenc, ID and document verification, free arbitration. escrow account.

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